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But feels a Particle within, that tells, � TO W. F. T. HAMILTON. Nell. [Aside.] How long she may have had her dress, I know not; but in one sense I am sure it is short enough. � "We believe that we have to talk about and examine this company in minute detail. I don't know anyother large retail companyKmart, Sears, Penney'sthat discusses their sales at the end of the week inany smaller breakdown than by region. We talk about individual stores." Which means that if we'retalking about the store in Dothan, Alabama, or Harrisburg, Illinois, everybody here is expected to knowsomething about that storehow to measure its performance, whether a 20 percent increase is good orbad, what the payroll is running, who the competitors are, and how we're doing. We keep the company'sorientation small by zeroing in on the smallest operating unit we have. No other company does that."Focusing on a single store can accomplish a number of things. First, of course, it enables us to actuallyimprove that store. But if in the process we also happen to learn a particular way in which that PanamaCity Beach Wal-Mart is outsmarting the competition on, say, beach towels, then we can quickly get thatinformation out to all our other beach stores around the country and see if their approach workseverywhere. Which brings us to the next principle. avtt天堂网2014亚洲 � "Obviously, we wanted to handle the whole offering, but Sam was always one to shop around. Here'swhat happened the way I remember it: Sam was up in New York on a buying trip, and he decided to godown to Wall Street and hear what some of those guys had to say, just cold callingright off the street. "I'll give you an example that just drove Sam crazy until we started doing something about it. Whenmerchandise came into the back of a store, it was supposed to be marked at the right price or markedcorrectly on the spot. But because it often wasn't getting done properly, we created positions called testscanners, people who go around the stores with hand-held scanners, making sure everything is pricedcorrectly. There's another layer right there, and Sam didn't ever visit a store without asking if we reallyneeded these folks. He'd throw fits whenever he went into a store and didn't find one. Gradually, he wore everyone downand got his way. I'd say it took about a year and a half because they really resisted it. But Sam wasrelentless. Whose Tree most fresh and flourishing is found,