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� 鈥淚 shouldn鈥檛 think there would be any more,鈥?replied Martin gravely. � On the day following, an exceedingly brief ceremony was performed on the frozen river, the only part of which the bewildered bridegroom could remember being the last words of the Scotchman: "I pronoonce ye mon and wife." The solemn words seemed to echo and re-echo in unison with the merry jingle of the sleigh-bells as he drove with his young bride through snowy fields and drifts of spotless purity to his father's house, followed by a long line of sleighs. The limbs of the dignified elms which guarded the approach to the house hung heavily glittering in the setting sun, the ice laden spruces waved wearily and crackled as the numerous guests filed into the large front room. His voice and manner were unchanged, and when Ernest, remarking upon a plan of Rome which hung in the hall, spoke inadvertently of the Quirinal, he replied with all his wonted pomp: 鈥淵es, the Quirinal 鈥?or as I myself prefer to call it, the Quirinal.鈥?After this triumph he inhaled a long breath through the corners of his mouth, and flung it back again into the face of Heaven, as in his finest form during his head-mastership. At lunch he did indeed once say, 鈥渘ext to impossible to think of anything else,鈥?but he immediately corrected himself and substituted the words, 鈥渘ext to impossible to entertain irrelevant ideas,鈥?after which he seemed to feel a good deal more comfortable. Ernest saw the familiar volumes of Dr. Skinner鈥檚 works upon the book-shelves in the Deanery dining-room, but he saw no copy of 鈥淩ome or the Bible-Which?鈥? Let this modern picture be compared with the account given by the Rev. Horace Moulton, who spent five years in Georgia between 1817 and 1824, and it will be seen, in that state at least, there is some resemblance between the more remote and more recent w日本高清视频m免费 "It is Algonquin, Mother." This went on for some time until the nuns found a scrap of paper on the floor containing the following mysterious words: The proposal to open a bottle of the Old Brandy of the Brigadier portended a state of affairs so momentous that Martin gaped at the back of Bigourdin on his way to the cellar. On the occasion of what high solemnity the last had been uncorked, Martin did not know: certainly not on the occasion of the dinner of ceremony to the Viriots, in spite of the fact that the father of the prospective bridegroom was marchand de vins en gros and was expected by Bigourdin to produce at the return dinner some of his famous Chambertin. � �